When Do You Need a Labor Lawyer?

Emancipation wouldn’t amount for much without a set of federal laws that govern the ways employees can treat and manage their workforce. Of course, justice for yourself or your fellow workers may only be possible with the support of a qualified labor lawyer.

A labor lawyer fights for the working man and without their skill and expertise the working class would be at the mercy of their boss. This is because not too many workers will ever need to handle a legal case throughout their time in any given company, the boss on the other hand will need to handle many such cases throughout the same time span and this makes them something of a heavyweight in the legal scene.

This makes it quite easy for the employer to throw their weight around. When it comes to dealing with their subordinates, they have the skills and legal mettle to squash any opposition. To further the employer’s complacency, many unsuspecting employers believe they are so right in their complaints, and typically are , that any courtroom with half an eye open will rule against the heartless “robber baron” employer and attempt to press their case forward “pro se”, meaning on their own. History has shown that self-presented cases are about as successful as self-performed eye-surgeries.

Enter the labor lawyer with extensive skill in handling legal proceedings and equal knowledge of all details associated with labor law. Their unique training and experience give the labor lawyer the capacity to move the wheels of justice in favor of their client despite the overwhelming resources of the opposition.

Labor lawyers are pretty heavyweight themselves and will have the grit and gumption to go toe to toe with the big employer and see that the working class is not forgotten. The labor lawyer keeps the management in check and ensures that the little guy has a chance of coming out on top, for once.

Following are some situations in which the services of a qualified Labor Lawyer would be Advantageous:

  • If you feel you were treated badly at your work place and aren’t sure if the terms you were given when laid off were fair, or even legal.
  • You get the feeling your employer’s operations aren’t legal and need to get out unscathed and with your reputation intact.
  • You have evidence of illegal severance, either your own or that of a fellow worker.
  • You are unsatisfied with the results of an official investigation into your workplace, by the EEOC maybe, and you want to press the issue.
  • You have a dispute with a former employer over your severance fee and want the matter handled professionally.
  • You see that the date for a statute of limitations is fast approaching

If any of these situations sounds like your own, it is important to contact your labour lawyer as fast as possible. Never attempt to take matters into your own hands or even face down your employers with “The Facts”, as this will only aggravate the situation. Contact your labor lawyer and discuss what the best course of action would be.