Important Features To Look For In Time And Attendance Software

When shopping for time and attendance software for your business, there are some important features that you should look for. A robust software program that incorporates all of these features will make it easier to track attendance for all of your employees, reducing the workload on your HR department and helping managers spot employee performance problems.

As you compare software options, keep the following features in mind:

1. Easy access for both employees and managers.

The data that is tracked by the program should be stored in a secure area where it can be accessed by employees and managers. Employees should be able to log in and view their own personal data using a standard web browser.

Likewise, managers should be able to easily view data on any employee simply by logging into the secure system. Having all of the data stored in a central location that can be accessed securely from any computer can make it as easy as possible to view and access the records.

2. Easy options for employees to clock in.

Employees shouldn’t have to spend a lot of time clocking into work. Instead, the system should be simple enough to use that they can check in quickly and easily when they arrive at work or when they leave for the day.

Depending on the software that you purchase, this could range from clocking in through a web-connected computer to clocking in via smartphone.

High tech systems like the one from TimeTrex ( also offer more high-tech solutions such as facial recognition. This feature is surprisingly easy to use. The process starts by installing the software on a hand-held tablet. The tablet can then be mounted next to the door where employees clock in. The device can then quickly scan their faces, recognizing them and automatically checking them in when they arrive or leave.

3. Accurate data.

Accuracy is extremely important when it comes to keeping track of time and attendance for employees. The last thing that you want is for an employee to get shortchanged on their paycheck because the system failed to track their time. Whatever system you purchase should be extremely accurate and should keep detailed records for every employee.

This information should be regularly backed up in the event of a system malfunction. That way, employees don’t have to worry about their data getting lost if something goes wrong with the computer system.

5. Excellent customer support.

Any time you use a complex software program, unexpected problems may arise. Ideally, the company that you purchase the software from will provide excellent technical support after the sale. That way, you can get any issues resolved quickly and easily without experiencing any disruptions to the service.

Purchasing time and attendance software is a great way to make sure that employee attendance is being tracked accurately. When deciding which program to buy, be sure to keep these features at the forefront of your mind. That way, you can choose a program that offers all of the functionality that you need.