4 Ways To Find Imported Beef

Imported Beef

Imported Beef

There’s many reasons you might want to find imported beef for use in your own cooking. Maybe you use it for food products you sell, maybe you crave the taste of your home country or a place you visited, or you just know and trust how beef is raised, processed and packed and shipped within a certain country. Whatever the case, you have to find somewhere to get your preferred beef into the country and onto to your dinner plate. This can take a little work, but here are 4 ways you can go about finding some great imported meat.

1) Your local grocery store: You might be thinking that you need to start looking high and low for a way to get imported meats because you’re unhappy with what’s on your grocery store shelves. Either you don’t like the taste and quality, or you’re just unsure about where it’s actually from. However, have you had a conversation with the butcher or anyone in the deli? They can often do special and custom orders that might just fit your needs all within a regular stop on your existing schedule.

2) A local restaurant: If you have an independent or family local restaurant that you like to frequent, visit on a quiet afternoon and see if the chef, owner or cook has time to chat for a few minutes. This works out really well if you’re inspired by a beef dish they serve and you’re hoping to find out what exact beef it is. A good compliment or two can mean someone behind the counter actually offers to order the foods you want. They get a happy customer and a few extra dollars, and you get exactly what they’re using that you love so much.

3) Farmer’s markets: If your local community has a farmer’s market, check it out when you can. A place that sells mostly local produce might not seem like a place to be looking for imported meat, but many vendors that sell in farmer’s markets do more than one thing in the food business. Buy a few things, make a few contacts, and then you’ll have a good idea who to ask about it.

4) Hang out with foodies: Foodies seem to be everywhere, and you probably know more than one. You likely have been invited out to eat with them in new restaurants or their place. Reciprocate with your own dinner invitation some time to try out new dishes. During the evening, mention what you’re looking for. If they don’t know the answer, they might actually be interested in taking on your case and finding an answer for you given that food is their passion. Just make sure you have them over again if they deliver so you can show off what you are doing with your imported beef.

As mentioned earlier, there’s a lot of reasons why you might want to import beef. Fortunately, there are many ways you can go about trying to find it.