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BWS Trailer

BWS trailers are a wide variety of trailers manufactured by the BWS Manufacturing Ltd corporation, with purposes ranging from hauling felled trees to hauling the dizzying array of consumer goods that even the most remote outposts of civilization have come to expect. Intended to fit the largest trucks on the road, these trailers are built for the heaviest of heavy duties and find use across the upper reaches of the North American continent, where a wide range of companies beyond simply trucking companies have come to rely on BWS models of trailer to get the job done no matter what the circumstances. And, with the company’s well earned reputation for reliability, their trailers generally go get the job done magnificently.

The company’s welders and builders are among the best in the business. Each of them is CWB certified, placing them as being among the most highly trained in the industry. Further, the company treats its welders as artisans rather than simple laborers, encouraging quality of work and careful efforts over speed and ease of disposal. Indeed, many visitors to the company’s plant are regularly surprised at the determined efforts the company’s welders put into each trailer they manufacture. BWS does not employ the cheapest workers it can get and bleed them for all they can get before throwing them away and it definitely shows in the quality of their product.

On top of the welders and manufacturers, the company also employs a number of engineers and automotive designers that they set to the task of constantly coming up with new and better designs for trailers of all types. Whether they’re improving upon a reliable concept like the gooseneck trailer or going in some radical new direction that may never get off the drawing broad, BWS’ engineers are always looking for ways to build the next superior mouse trap. Indeed, the company owns a patent on a design that many experts in the field of shipping believe is among the easiest to use and fastest working air assisted gooseneck trailers that are detachable in the industry. This patent finds its way to a number of the company’s signature trailer models and the company takes a special pride in these trailers.

Having been in the trailer manufacturing business for almost half a century, the company has weathered a great many economic storms and has still managed to survive and thrive in trying times. BWS trailers are among the best in North America and some would say the world. Built for a wide variety of purposes, the company likely has a trailer for nearly any overland shipping business. The Air Detachable Gooseneck ULP uses the company’s patented technology in service to the hauling and shipping of agricultural products such as crops to shipment to be processed into salable food. The Highway Flat model is specialized for being the trailer used to carrying commercial goods across the winding highways of North America, while the massive Scissorneck was built specifically for the transportation of oil, natural gas and gasoline.