A Human Factors Expert is Often Essential for Court Cases

Analyzing human behavior is important, so important that it’s a skill and a science that is taken seriously by companies, for legal matters, etc. A Human Factors Expert focuses on human behavior that happens in a professional setting of a company, industry or other parameters. The science focuses on how individuals interact with people, products, equipment, machines, etc. These are experts trained in engineering, psychology, linguistics, pathology, and criminology to assess how humans interact with one another.

Because humans are not perfect and because humans must coexist with one another to live, it is necessary for laws to be in place to protect one another or to protect one’s property. A Human Factors Expert determines what reasonable behavior for a human in a particular setting is. They look at the situation and determine if the human reacted and responded in a way that would be considered normal given all of the factors.

The most credible of this kind of expert has done more than just study the necessary courses to become an expert. He or she has often published books, articles or other materials on the subject.

You will find this kind of expert using his or her knowledge and skill in a variety of settings. For example, they may be called by an insurance company to determine a customer’s vehicle safety or risk. They may be hired by companies to show them the best way to create the safest work environment. They may be sought out by the government to determine the best way to incorporate a particular employee or employees into a certain government setting.

One of the most critical places where this kind of expert is used is in courtroom proceedings, such as personal injury cases or murder cases, to present on the witness stand their knowledge and findings of a defendant or a victim. Their testimony is needed to determine if reasonable behavior occurred or did not occur. Therefore, both prosecutors and defense attorneys may use them.

When this kind of expert is hired, the attorneys will often only hire someone with exceptional credentials, and the expert will likely have to pass an interview with the judge and with all lawyers involved in the case before he or she will be used. A lawyer’s number one goal is to gain a favorable outcome for his or her client. Therefore experts of this kind must be heavily vetted to help ensure goals are met. Attorneys will often hire this kind of expert early so that they can smoothly be incorporated into the overall case.

A Bachelor of Science in Human Factors Psychology is the typical way a person becomes trained in the science. However, although an expert of this type has the necessary education and training needed to become a Human Factors Expert, some of them have different specialties from others. Therefore, this kind of expert will be hired based not only on their overall education and experience but also on any unique knowledge they may have.