5 Benefits of Hiring Event Tents for Your Outdoor Wedding

Event Tent

Event Tent

Many couples would love to have an outdoor wedding but don’t want their big day ruined by inclement weather. Others would like to have a unique space, but find that the limitations of most event or reception halls, make this impossible. If you want a unique wedding experience that allows you to use an outdoor space, you should consider using an event tent.

Event tents are not those small tents you see used for a person’s home party. These are large tents that can be designed in ways that are amazing. Here are five of the main benefits of hiring an event tent for your outdoor wedding.

You Are Protected From the Weather

If you want an outdoor wedding, the weather will always be an issue. Inclement weather can ruin your big day. Event tents can be set up to so that the wedding is outdoors, it’s under the cover of a canopy. This will not only protect you from the rain, but also from the sun. Even if you decide that you want to stand outdoors, you can offer the tent to your guests so that they can remain comfortable during the ceremony.

You Can Invite More People

Event tents are large, so you can invite more people to your wedding. If you find the number of guests is more than the capacity of the tent, you can order a larger tent or use multiple tents for the wedding and reception. This will allow you to invite all of the guests on your list.

You Have More Decorating Options

The interiors of these tents can be decorated with fabrics to create a stunning image. The fabrics used can be matched to the theme of the wedding. You also have options as far as where various elements of your wedding and reception will be placed, because of the open layout of the tent.

You Might Save Money

If you have a large piece of land at your disposal, then all you’ll be paying for is the cost of the tent and wedding decorations. If you calculate the money you’d spend on turning a reception hall into your dream wedding location, you may achieve significant savings. If you don’t have a piece of land you can use, then you can find a unique location for the wedding. This can make your special day, truly exceptional.

Your Wedding Will Be Unique

Regardless of what type of decorations you choose, an outdoor wedding in an event tent is a unique experience. All aspects of the location can be blended into the wedding decorations. Since you can choose the location where the tent will be placed, you can change the vibe of your wedding just by finding a new location.

If you decide to hire an event tent for your wedding, you need to make sure the company you hire knows their business. The company you choose should have experience in setting up tents for weddings and receptions. Contact an event tent company like Regal Tent to get a price quote. Then you can decide if it’s worth it to have a tent for a once in a lifetime wedding experience.