Choosing An Event Tent Rental Company


If you have a big event coming up and want to celebrate it in style, you can make the occasion special with event tent rental. There are many event tent rental companies that can put together a professional party at an affordable price. These companies supply tents for all occasions including weddings, corporate events, family reunions, graduation and all other kinds of parties.

While there are a number of such companies, there are several things you need to consider to choose the right tent rental company. Follow the tips in the article below in order to choose the right company at the right price.

First and foremost, you need to check the history of the company to make sure they have high customer satisfaction levels. Ask them about the projects they have completed over the past six months. Ask them to give you the type of event, number of guests as well as type of structures and the location among other things. They should also give you the name of the event planners as well as their contact information. Ideally, you should give a call to past clients in order to make sure that you are dealing with the right company.

Professional companies have fair cancellation policies but it’s important for you to ask them about the cancellation policy before you book them. The cancellation policy should be transparent and fair. Keep in mind that you may have to compensate the company if they have incurred some expenses planning for your event but make sure you understand the terms of cancellation.

Ask the company about how the rental period is calculated and if there are any additional costs. In most cases, you will benefit by starting the construction several days before the event but timely removal may not be possible due to circumstances. Therefore, you need to have some time cushion in the agreement that allows for any unforeseen circumstances.

While you may be required to pay significant deposit at the time of booking, you should ask the company to clearly specify the payment terms. The payments terms should be fair for both parties.

Do not forget about insurance. The company should have liability insurance as well workers compensation insurance to make sure you are covered in case of any unfortunate event. Do not rely on their word and ask them to show you the papers. It is also recommended to call up the insurance company and verify the insurance policy.

If you are planning a special event, it’s important for you to prepare for an emergency. Ask the rental company whether they have plans to respond to any emergency situation. You should also check whether the company has enough manpower and equipment that can be called upon a short notice in the event of an emergency. Ask them to show you the inventory they have and choose the right type based on your needs.

Overall, make sure the company has a good reputation in the market and has plans in place for an emergency. Also, it’s not recommended to choose a company only on the basis of price as companies that quote a price below the average market rate may cut corners and you may not have a good experience hosting the event.