Mobile App Development For Beginners

mobile globe appsAre you looking to break into mobile app development? It is an extremely hot niche to be in right now. This is due to the rise in smartphone sales. Because of this, consumers and smartphone users are now demanding new and high quality mobile applications to be developed. Also, with an increasing number of users comes an increasing amount of potential profits for developers. The key to mobile app development is knowing how to make a successful application. Doing that is easier said than done. For this reason, we have compiled a list of tips that you can use for successful mobile app development.


1. The Why.

The first tip is knowing the why. Why are you making the application? It is critical to know why you are making the application because it is going to determine how you go about it, what features you put into it, and who you market the application to. Are you making the application in order to generate more business for your brick and mortar store? Are you making an application to make it easier for people to buy products from your online website on their mobile phones? Are you making an application to get users and sell ads? All of these questions need to be answered and it all starts with the why.

2. Features.

In order to create a successful application, your application is going to need to have features that make the user experience better than your competition. Focus on adding key features like mobile app analytics for yourself and that will make people talk about your particular app. You want people to share your app with their friends and family or on their social networks. This is how you get more and more users to become aware and use your application.

3. Quality.

Because mobile app development has become such a money making opportunity, a lot of people have tried to cash in on it without really understanding or caring about creating quality applications. Many applications that are brought to the market do not focus on quality and instead focus on quantity. It is imperative that you focus on the quality of your application during development because applications that do not focus on it, do not last. This is because the marketplaces on each operating system make it incredibly easy to share whether or not an application is worth using. If your first 20 users agree that your application is trash, then you will likely be buried along with all of the other failed applications in the marketplace. No one is going to make the effort or spend the money to download your application after it has already been delegated as “trash.” By focusing on your apps quality, you should avoid the bad reviews early on and your application will thrive as a result.

4. Price.

This should be determined by your why. If you are creating an application to make money by itself, you are going to need to charge some money for it, or create a way to advertise on it. Now, if you are making an application as an extension or a tool to grow your existing business, you are going to want to lower the barriers as much as possible. This means that you will likely (in this case) want to make the application free to download and to use. By doing this, you will give users less barriers to using your application which was specifically designed to increase the sales of your existing business. Many companies utilize this approach and it works very well. The best example would be Starbucks and their mobile rewards payment solution application.