Top Quality App User Acquisition Channels

opera mobile phoneFor all app publishers, acquisition of new users is always an area of focus. For publishers with big budgets testing of multiple channels is quite important. Smaller and medium sized publishers have to be more focused and creative in their efforts. However, regardless of the size of the publisher finding high quality users is still a big challenge. The following are the top app user acquisition channels according to developers.
Facebook Mobile Ads

Facebook’s targeting capabilities and reach make it the top tool for user acquisition. The only problem with this channel is that most of the big publishers know the power of this channel. For most small developers user acquisition costs are simply beyond their budgets. However, if you have the resources and know whom you are trying to reach, Facebook is the best choice.
Ad Networks

This is quite a broad category. There are many ad networks out there ranging from global players such as Leadbolt to regional networks such as Vserv. Ad networks do have good targeting capabilities even if they do not match that of Facebook. To find the right network you need to understand your users and those you wish to acquire. Once you do this, seek out ad networks that will help in acquisition.
Cross-promotions With Other Apps

This is ideal for the smaller developers. Developers should reach out to fellow developers serving similar audiences. You can easily connect your own apps to drive installs using tools such as Iddiction and Xplode as well as connecting with fellow developers to grow installs together. For cash strapped publishers cross promoting tends to offer the best ROI.
App Localization

Many developers have localization as an afterthought. They build apps in English, submit it to Google Play, choose the worldwide distribution option and hope. For a serious developer, app localization needs to be standard procedure when developing your app. A great partner for app localization is Tethras to make it easy to translate the app when submitting it to app stores. Take advantage of such tools and see just how your app downloads will soar.
In conclusion, the most important and useful app user acquisition channels are app localization, ad networks, Facebook mobile ads, and Cross promotion with other apps. This article has discussed all these channels in detail. If you wish to see the numbers of installs of your apps soar with quality users, you need to employ these channels.