What Mobile App Analytics Tool Is and Its Importance

mobile phone picMobile app analytical tool is a must have tool that will help you know the people using your apps, the devices on which the app is used and where the users are located. The tool utilizes features such as Google play integration and traffic sources reports. It helps understand what may have made him chose and use your app and can help you to determine where you need to invest more resources so as to attract new users and maintain the existing ones.

Mobile app analytics tool utilizes real time reporting capability to identify all those using your app. From event tracking and flow visualization to displays where the user takes action, pauses and even disappears. You will be able to check their loyalty, and allows you to troubleshoot trends.

The tool will allow you to set and track conversions as well as be in a position to determine the time spent on your app. It can help track the goods sold whether real or virtual. The ecommerce tool will enable you see what is selling on the day as well as your users life time value.

App developers can analyze and monetize their app by using Google analytics. At the analysis tabs they will be able to find reports on apps and information required to measure the performance of the business.

Importance of a mobile app analytics tool
The tool is required to enable the business keep up with changing trends by improving on the app features, debugging the app and studying the app behavior from users geared at leveraging engagement and improve ROI. The business can use the tool;
• To make their apps captivating and engaging so as to compel the users to spend more time within the app
• To understand engagement rate and deploy app marketing markets to leverage success.
• So as to gain insight into the app and work on how its quality can be improved.
• Improve the user experience of the apps and improve on it so as to meet users’ expectations.
When you start deploying app analytics, you will;
• Use app analytics to implement mobile app development strategy
• Understand app usage metrics
• Use app analytics to collect real time data for all activities taking place within the app.
• Find out the features that are compelling users to uninstall your app
• Be able to track queries and search terms used within the app
• Enable application navigation
• Be able to carry out A/B testing by using app analytics tools
• Be able to track detailed actions right from the time the app was installed up to the time it was uninstalled.
• Keep track of the visitors and keep their records.
• You can uniquely identify the visitor and keep track of their records.
• Help you track app marketing campaigns easily
• You will be able to detect errors and at the same time be able to debug the app with the analytic tool.
• Be able to track operating networks and mobile devices.

Mobile app analytical tool is thus, a necessary tool that will not help you understand the users but also determine where you must invest more resources to grow your business