Get The Most For Your Rentals With Pensacola Property Management!

Whether you’re looking to rent out your commercial properties or have a single-family home available for rent, finding the right tenants can be a cumbersome task. You want to deal with tenants that have a clean background, solid employment, and good credit, but vetting these types of tenants requires special skill. You can certainly choose to handle it all yourself, but if you have other areas of your life you need to focus on, Pensacola property management can be of assistance!

You Need Great Marketing Tactics

The better your methods of advertising and the more ground you cover, the higher your chances of finding tenants you can trust. Main Street Properties can take care of all of your management needs, and that includes a foolproof marketing plan.

When choosing to sign with a management company, you can expect a “For Rent” sign to appear in front of your property within 24 hours along with a secure lockbox. Main Street Properties will advertise your approved listing on the front page of the website to attract as many interested parties as possible. With new visitors appearing daily, you can rest assured your rental will receive the exposure it needs.

Besides your rental getting prominently featured on the management website, your rental will appear in listings on popular and often searched websites such as,,, and many more!

Get Paid On Time With Trusted Accounting Services

Collecting rent and getting tenants to pay on time is a nerve-racking process that not all landlords are capable of. By signing with a Pensacola property management company, you are guaranteed to receive your monthly proceeds electronically on time. Main Street Properties has a comprehensive accounting plan that includes rent collection, downloadable monthly accounting statements, IRS 1099 forms to help with taxes, and year-end reports.

Transparent Maintenance Prices That Keep Your Rental In Tip-Top Shape!

One of the biggest pitfalls of becoming a landlord is taking care of maintenance issues and repairs in a timely and efficient manner. Whether you just don’t have the connections or the time, a property management company can eliminate maintenance problems from your life. Main Street Properties can quickly dispatch a trusted, licensed, and professional contractor to handle all maintenance needs while giving you the lowest prices possible. This also includes keeping you updated on the condition of your rental, performing final walkthroughs before vacancy, and handling emergency repair requests.

Feel Safe With The Right Application Process

The hardest aspect of choosing a tenant is making sure that they have a clean background and the right credit. Your chosen management company can take all of the guesswork out of choosing by running different background checks. For example, with Main Street Properties your prospective tenant will get a solid credit check, an eviction check, background info on court proceedings, the tenant will be cleared through a sexual predator database, and have their employment verified.

Rental properties are great ways to earn passive income, but you shouldn’t have to babysit everything your tenant does. Make room in your schedule for other things by entrusting a property management company to handle your needs!